<aside> ℹ️ This is a brief overview of Civics Unplugged and its theory of change 🚀. A theory of change describes how a nonprofit organization connects its activities to create a pathway towards the goals and outcomes associated with its mission.

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**Civics Unplugged is a 501(c)(3) social enterprise founded in 2019 that empowers leaders of Gen Z with the training, funding, and network they need to become civic innovators that build a brighter future for humanity.**

We do this by running a world-class leadership program for high schoolers seeking to become civic innovators, supporting them after they graduate the program, and producing media that inspires and amplifies civic innovation work. Learn more about our target demographic here.

<aside> 📖 We define "civic innovation" as that which improves how society works in new and forward-thinking ways and a "civic innovator" as someone who does civic innovation work.


Our secret sauce (differentiator) is our commitment and ability to build the lasting ecosystem of empowerment needed to develop young civic innovators. Building this ecosystem is extremely challenging, because it requires a team that is intergenerational, experienced in civic innovation, and well-connected to civic innovators globally that want to provide the training, funding, and other opportunities that young people need to grow into civic innovators over many years. Click here to learn more.


Our ultimate social goal is a future where:

By 2030, CU will have:

By 2040, at least 1,000 alumni of our programs will be leading civic innovators (e.g. CEOs, politicians, diplomats, inventors, scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs, educators).


How will we achieve this vision of a future full of civic innovators?

We are building an ecosystem that catalyzes civic innovation by encouraging young people to embark on life-long civic journeys. This "civic innovation flywheel," is created by investing in three complementary areas of focus: