<aside> πŸ’‘ There are three "Phases" of the Climate Innovators Fellowship. This document lays out each phase. In the section for Phase Two, we share a preliminary syllabus for the Fellowship's Training Phase.


πŸš€ Phase One: Orientation (February 4 at 6:30 p.m. EST)

<aside> πŸ’‘ The Orientation Phase is your time to get set up for success for the rest of the Program. In this phase, you will... Complete the self-directed onboarding course, which will be released with decisions. Onboarding should take you no more than 2.5 hours. We will meet on February 4th, at 6:30 p.m. EST for a mandatory but fun welcome and introduction to the Fellowship.


πŸ’ͺ Phase Two: Training (February 20th - April 16th)

<aside> πŸ’‘ The Training Program Phase is the "meat" of the Fellowship. In this phase, you will... β†’ Learn a lot about the most pressing issues within the mitigation and adaptation dialogues. β†’ Learn "systems thinking" and about the energy system, mitigation, climate adaptation, and cross-cutting issues! β†’ You will leave with a Climate Innovator portfolio that will display your newfound expertise and be key to unlocking future opportunities

There are two components of the workshop: 1) Round Tables and 2) Group Meetings


I. Round Tables

II. Group Meetings

To encourage friendship and mutual learning, you will meet in small groups biweekly. Each group will receive predefined questions related to either previous lessons or the current evening's lesson to initiate discussions. However, feel free to let conversations evolve organically and explore related climate topics as they arise. The objective is to help you build lasting and sustainable relationships with your fellow participants, fostering a sense of camaraderie and familiarity before the Climathon event.

πŸš€ Phase Three: Climathon (April 14th - April 28rd)


Towards the conclusion of the Fellowship, you will have the opportunity to come together in small groups and apply what you've learned. This will take the form of a "Climathon," drawing inspiration from hackathons, where you'll face a real-life challenge rooted in the principles and lessons covered during the program. You will work collaboratively in small teams, combining your Fellowship knowledge, individual skills, creativity, and teamwork to craft innovative solutions to the posed question. You'll have a two-week timeframe, culminating in presentations on the last Sunday of the Fellowship.

πŸš€ Phase Four: Investment Memo and Policy Brief (April 28th)

To successfully complete the Fellowship, you will have the opportunity to demonstrate your expertise by undertaking the task of preparing investment memos and policy briefs on climate-related subjects. Through these assignments, you will highlight your capacity to conduct critical analyses of climate challenges, propose solutions grounded in evidence, and adeptly convey your findings to diverse audiences. These practical exercises will empower you to become a persuasive advocate and a well-informed decision-maker in the field of climate action.

During the final two weeks dedicated to Climathon, your focus will shift. Rather than assigning asynchronous reading, the Round Table lessons will provide you with guidance on crafting either an investment memo or a policy brief, accompanied by a second lesson focusing on enhancing your presentation skills and public speaking abilities. These lessons are designed to prepare you for success in the climathon presentation.

<aside> πŸ’² Fellows will be paid a stipend of $2000 upon the completion of a successful fellowship. The completion of a successful Fellowship includes 3 components:

  1. Active participation and 100% attendance (unless there is a medical emergency that prohibits attendance).
    1. Dates are all included for public knowledge during the application process. Please consider bandwidth and availability prior to applying.
  2. Delivery of either an investment memo or policy brief (Due: April 21, 2024)
  3. Completion of the Climathon (Due April 28, 2024) </aside>