<aside> ℹ️ **We at Civics Unplugged put this Promo Kit together to make it super easy for our friends and partners to get the word out about the CU Fellowship Fall 2021 application!

Got questions? Click [here](http://www.civicsunplugged.org/fellowship) to apply or nominate a young civic superhero.**


Blurb (for emails and newsletters)

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We're excited to share that our friends at Civics Unplugged (CU) just launched the application for the CU Fellowship—a 3-month leadership program that empowers high school students representing every region of the globe with the tools, training, and community to build a brighter future for humanity. The program is entirely free and virtual and runs from September to November 2021.

Click here to apply or nominate a young civic superhero.

Applications are due August 31st, 2021, but CU prioritizes applicants who apply early and Fellowship slots are limited!

If you have questions, please contact CU's Director of Admissions, Luna Ruiz, at [email protected]


Are you are high schooler who is frustrated with the future of humanity? @CivicsUnplugged wants to give you the tools, training, and community to reform humanity via the CU Fellowship! Learn how to join CU's revolutionary community at civicsunplugged.org/fellowship.

Promotional Assets

CU Fellowship 2021 Promotional Assets

Branding Guide

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